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Rodon Products
Custom wound electromagnetic components.

RODON began in 1961 with the manufacture of high reliability relay coils for the aerospace industry. We are known for our abilities with the handling of fine wire, and often hear the question "can you do this"? As a result, we have been involved in cutting edge technologies with some of the best engineers in the aerospace industry. With our experience, we can offer our help with your design. Our coils can be found flying in spacecraft, jet fighters, and commercial jetliners, as well as computer equipment, medical equipment, sprinkler systems, and arcade games.

While other companies have off loaded troublesome operations, we keep everything from coil winding to labor intensive assembly operations in house. We are easily adaptable, and offer our expertise to the most demanding of customers.

We can easily adapt and incorporate any unusual documentation or requirement you may require for process or inspection. We incorporate statistical process control on our production lines and experience near zero defects.


We know change isn’t always easy, and since our founding we’ve been helping individuals and companies of all sizes predict and respond to market changes to stay ahead of the curve. We tackle each problem by creating a working relationship with our clients and then focus on understanding their priorities and long term goals. Are you ready to step into the future with us? Give us a call today.

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